Got Credit Card Headaches?

Tired of processing Credit Card Refunds outside of iMIS?

Tired of the difficulty in reconciling Credit Card Payments?

Does PCI Compliance Audits have you down?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then we have some great news for you.  iMIS Pay Central, which is available now in iMIS Cloud and will soon to be released with iMIS 2020, will solve all of those problems for you.  iMIS Pay Central will become the standard payment gateway for all future iMIS releases due to how tightly integrated it will be.  In today’s world where Credit Cards and Identify theft seems to be the norm, our customers require a higher level of PCI compliance and security.  By making the move to iMIS Pay Central, it will allow you to take full advantage of all existing and future iMIS functionality, while simplifying your PCI requirements for iMIS.

In order for ASI to strengthen and enhance its PCI compliance responsibility, credit cards and direct debits will be setup via DataVault hosted by ASI.  This will remove the need for you to have DataVault self hosted and maintained for each release of iMIS reducing your overall cost for an additional SQL environment and servers.

Below are our top four benefits that we believe customers will love about iMIS Pay Central but there are many more as well.  

  • Credit and Refund from the staff site - saving staff time by no longer needed to go to the Gateway to Process the Refund and then come back into iMIS and enter the manual adjustment.
  • Gross Deposits and Monthly Reconciliation  -  provides the ability to reconcile credit card payments directly  in iMIS.
  • Account Updater  – provides the ability for credit cards to be updated easily when past their expiration date.
  • Works with iMIS AutoPay – provides the ability for  customers to setup auto renewal of their membership and set up automatic payments for membership, subscriptions, and recurring gifts.

In addition, iMIS Pay Central provides a verified PCI compliant environment that many third-party gateways currently are not providing.  We believe that iMIS Pay Central will reduce the customers total tangible overhead cost on credit card fees but also save on intangible overhead cost in staff time to manage credit card processes

Ready to take advantage of this new feature? 
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iMIS Pay Central Whitepaper