iMIS 2020 is COMING!  Are you Ready?

The release of iMIS 2020 is imminent, and this new release brings exciting features that will have your organization floating on clouds!

You have been anxiously awaiting these new features, and here they are:

  1. iMIS Pay Central - Is a fully integrated credit card gateway that will make processing refunds and reconciliation so much easier. (iMIS Pay Central blog post )
  2. iMIS Forms - With this release, iMIS will now have the ability to create forms and make data entry easier for your customers while storing data directly in iMIS.
  3. iMIS Report Writer - Gone are the days of downloading SSRS reports to make modifications and then having to upload again to view the look and fell and verify data.  This new report writer is built directly in the system with a robust, easy-to-use GUI interface.

Ready to take advantage of these new features? 
Email us to get our fixed-fee iMIS Upgrade Analysis scheduled today!

Our Upgrade Analysis identifies areas of your current system that require updates for iMIS 2020, for example: Reports, SQL Stored Procedures & Triggers, as well as third-party integrations. We will provide a roadmap for getting your organization upgraded to IMIS 2020, along with a tentative training schedule for bringing  your staff up to speed quickly and effectively. 

Here are just four huge benefits your organization can reap from an iMIS 2020 upgrade: 

  • Staff Site, unlike desktop, can be configured to meet your organization's specific needs. While moving away from desktop may be a scary thought for some, this move will increase efficiency and productivity through the ability to uniquely tailor the system to your business processes versus tailoring your processes to meet a system's requirements.
  • iMIS 2020 eases financial adjustments to Dues, Orders, Events, and Gift entry.  iMIS 2020 does away with the laborious, financial  correction's process of the Desktop - no more tracing back to transactions/invoices/gifts and writing down the transaction number in order to complete the process. With iMIS 2020, simply find the Invoice and select Reverse or Adjust; it's as easy as a few clicks. 
  • The new iMIS Payment Central offered in iMIS 2020 allows processing of refunds to credit cards directly in the Staff Site.  Desktop's arduous steps of going to the Credit Card Gateway provider to look up account numbers or process the refund and back into iMIS to record the refund there as well are gone!  iMIS Payment Central solves your refund headaches!  
  • With iMIS 2020, the need for Crystal Reports, with their required extensive knowledge and expertise, are a thing of the past. The innovative IQA and Dashboard features displays all iMIS data on any of your website's pages and right to your desktop, laptop, iPad, or smartphone. In addition, if you still need heavily formatted reports, the new iMIS Report Writer meets that need and is easy to learn and use.

It's time to break up with the iMIS Desktop.

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