Along time ago, at a conference far far away....

two rebels hatched a dream to break free from empire rule and restore freedom to their new galaxy, ASCENSION.


Ascension Technology Solutions, LLC (Ascension) is an award-winning Authorized Solution Provider (AiSP).  Ascension was founded in 2006 by Mark Adrion and Kevin Pape.  Both have worked with iMIS, associations, and donor based organizations for 20+ years.  They started Ascension with one goal in mind, to help our customers make technology simple.  We believe the right mix of people, process, and solutions can allow any organization be successful with their technology.  When technology is simple, your staff can focus on recruiting, engaging, measuring, and growing your organization,  When technology is simple, revenues increase, costs decrease, and customer satisfaction reaches new heights!
Ascension's staff have worked with hundred's professional associations, trade associations, and donor based groups to successfully implement the iMIS Association Management System.  Our proven methodologies help ensure your organizations success!

Ascension offers a variety of products and services, including:

  • Association Management Software
  • Donor Management Software
  •  Web Design and Integration
  • Cloud Development
  •  Process Consulting
  • Training
  • Performance Improvement
  • Analytical Reporting
  •  Implementation
  • Mobile Applications
  •  Dedicated Help Desk
  • Agile Methodologies
  •  Learning Management Systems
  • Community Platforms


Mark Adrion, Partner - Mark offers his customers the benefit of more than 20 years experience with non-profits, associations, and governmental institutions, where he was instrumental in the development and implementation of business process improvements, implementation of enterprise-wide software, development of software extensions, and development of marketing websites with e-commerce.  Customers appreciate his insight into their business needs and clear communication, which complements his background in Finance, Accounting, Technology, Project Management, and Software Engineering. Mark enjoys water sports, church activities, spending time with his family, and anything Texas.
Kevin Pape, Partner - Kevin has been an industry consultant to association and donor organizations since 1993.  His extensive industry experience, combined with his technology background and ability to explain complex problems in layman's terms, make him a valuable asset to Ascension's customers.  Kevin has a knack for identifying industry trends and keeping Ascension and our customers ahead of the curve.  He has worked with hundreds of customers over the years to not only successfully implement iMIS, but also emphasizes best practices, change management, and "keep it out of the box wherever possible".  Kevin loves 80's music, his church, playing guitar, "hanging with the fam", and the Keto lifestyle.