How to Create a Sitemap from the Navigation

Would you like to create a sitemap page for your site?

Here are the steps you take:

1) Load the Member site with a Chrome browser
2) Select More tools > Developer tools
3) Click on the html
4) Select Control F
5) Type <ul
6) Use the down arrow to reach the instance that is your Primary navigation
7) Select that element, which will highlight the Primary navigation on your screen
8) Right click and choose Copy > Copy Element
9) Paste code into an HTML editor
10) Select Control F
11) Type <ul
12) Use those tags to identify the drop down areas
13) Delete the opening and closing div tags wrapping those areas
<div class="rmSlide"
14) Then delete the toggle tags
<span class="rmToggle"><span class="rmIcon">Toggle</span></span>
15) Copy the remaining code
16) Paste into a content record on your RiSE site
17) Add a shortcut to this page so that users can reach it via "/sitemap"