Join Special Pricing iMIS Enterprise EMS Defect

Updated on 9/21/2021

It has recently been noted that a defect was found in the latest iMIS Enterprise EMS release (.105).  You may experience this issue if:

  • You have a billing product that contains a special price rule
  • The customer joining has a billing category

The error you may receive will look like this:

If you are a customer experiencing this defect, please follow the steps below to work around this issue until the hotfix is applied.

1. Manually update Member type and the Member Since date, as this date will not update automatically.

2. Generate a renewal for the single contact

Walk through the Renew Now steps or open up the invoice directly under Finance > Invoices. a. Apply the open credit that should appear on the cart page as ‘Available Credit’, from the prepayment that was created with the original transaction. b. Be sure that if the member enrolled in autopay at the time of checkout, that you change the Membership Payment Options to ‘Pay only this renewal with the selected payment method’. 

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