Transferring a payment

In iMIS Enterprise EMS, you can now unapply a payment from its original application. You no longer have to fully reverse or refund a payment to transfer an incorrectly entered in payment. Now, you can simply unapply the payment and reuse it on another invoice or order. Take a look below on how to get started.
1. Go to Finance > Pay Central > Find Payments.

2. Look up payment record by using provided filters and click on the Payment Id.

3. Click on Adjust Payment.

4. Select 'Unapply payment' for adjustment type.

5. Update Adjustment date if desired. 

6. Click Submit. Note, you can only unapply the entire payment amount.

The payment has been unapplied on the original invoice and now exists as an open credit to the payor's record in iMIS. You can now use the open credit and apply towards the correct items or other purchases. If you want to use the open credit towards another purchase, see the below. 

1. Add items to be purchased in cart

2. Click 'Apply' where there is available credit. By default, the selected or logged in user will see only their open credits if they have any. However, staff may click on 'Apply other credit' to lookup another open credit like if a company open credit can be used to pay off an item for an individual at the company.

3. Review order details and click 'Submit' to apply open credit as payment.

Do you need further assistance on unapplying a payment or utilizing open credits? Click here for assistance and a Support Analyst will get back with you shortly.