How to Include Google Maps Links in IQAs

Adding dynamic Google Map Links to your IQAs can be done in a few steps:

1) Add the NetContact and CsAddress BOs with a join on ID:

2) Add an "@SelectedUser" Filter on NetContact.Contact Key

3 a) For a linked result field, include the 3 following fields in the Display:

  • "NetContact.Company" with a Link to "~/iCore/Contacts/AddressMap.aspx?AddressKey=[code_address]&ID=[code_id]"
  • "NetContact.iMIS ID" with an Alias of "code_id"
  • "CsAddress.Address Number" with an Alias of "code_address"

3 b) For a link with your own text, use a SQL Expression: 

  • Select "View all columns"
  • Scroll down to the Custom SQL Expression area:

  • Add the following to the "SQL Expression" field:
char(60) + 'a href="/iCore/Contacts/AddressMap.aspx?AddressKey=' + cast (vBoCsAddress.AddressNumber AS VARCHAR(20)) + '&ID=' + vBoNetContact.ID + '"' + char(62) +'Show map' + char(60) + '/a' + char(62)

  • Add the column label that you'd like to use to the Alias field
  • Click the "+" to add your SQL Expression
  • Save your changes!

* For this to work, the Google Maps API key field must be populated in Settings > RiSE.