Creating More Activity Types

With iMIS' do all capabilities, it is no surprise that iMIS can track your data needs. Most associations are concerned with preserving member data and having a good historical reference for those members. There are many out of the box activities that iMIS will track, such as dues payments, event registrations, subscriptions, etc. However, you may have your own custom activities that you would like to track. Some examples could be tracking applications, licenses,  evaluations/grades, and more. 

Now you may be wondering why you would set up a new activity type versus creating a new panel source. The benefits include the following: the data is treated as a historical record and it better tracks the member's activities or engagement based on the recorded information. Additional activity types makes it easier for your membership reporting needs. 

To track your own processes and activities for members using activity records, check out our steps below on how to create activity types. 
1. In staff site, go to Settings > Contacts > Activity Types.

2. Click 'Add new activity type'.

3. Enter in the type of activity in 'Type'. This field acts as the code name of the activity.

4. Enter in a description describing the activity in 'Description'

5. Enable  'Allow user edit' if you would like end users to be able to edit information regarding this activity type. 

6. Define user friendly labels that determines what data is associated to this activity type. For example, if you had an activity type for a license, you may want to change Through Date to be expiration date. You may even want to define additional text fields, under UF_1, and label it as Restrictions. Note, if you do not enter in a label for the field, you will not see the field as an option to record data for this activity type. 

7. Click 'Save' once finished

Once the activity type is set up, you can now create multi-instance panel definitions to display/record this new activity data on a profile or else where. 

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