Need more information on how Ascension can assist your organization in optimizing your web and/or mobile presence?

RiSE Web Engagement Platform

iMIS 20 is built on the RiSE web engagement platform, a key industry differentiator that empowers you to easily create and personalize constituent self-service, community, and mobile web pages — with no programming necessary. No other system provides this level of convenience and flexibility while reducing data integration needs, the number of vendors you need to manage, and the total cost of system ownership. Plus, the RiSE Web Engagement Platform has the flexibility to work with your existing Content Management System (CMS), or for many organizations, it has the power to manage your entire web presence from multiple websites to microsites to mobile websites.

The RiSE platform is a full-featured website management system powering hundreds of association and not-for-profit websites:
  • Leverage website templates and themes to quickly launch a new website or microsite
  • Allow non-technical users to edit web page content with a browser-based editing tool
  • Manage multiple websites and allow chapters or affiliates to manage their own websites
  • Create content once and share it across multiple websites
  • Assign and manage content management responsibility to individuals or groups within your organization
  • Categorize content and allow users to identify areas of interest using your organization's unique terms, audiences, and/or concepts
  • Use your organization's specific terms, audiences, and/or concepts as well as contact, demographic, and transactional data from within your iMIS database to deliver targeted web content to your constituents
  • Allow keyword searches to be targeted according to your organization's terms, audiences, and/or concepts