Website Analysis Service

We see it all to often.  Organization investments significant time and money in a new website.  Customer has a great launch.  Customer gets great feedback from their constituents.  2-3 years pass.  Other than a few content updates, the website is basically the same as the day it launched.  Is this your organization? 

A great website can’t be one and done.  Like anything else in your organization, it requires regular analysis to ensure you are getting the results you expect and regular maintenance to stay current with the latest trends. 

If your organization can’t effectively measure the success of your website, a Website Analysis from Ascension may just be what you need.  We will review all aspects of your primary website and your member portal (if applicable) and provide a detailed report of what you are getting right, along with where you need improvement and recommended changes to provide your site visitors with the best experience possible. 

Our fixed price Website Analysis includes the review/analysis and detailed report of the following:

·        Site Performance – if it’s not fast, they won’t stay

·        SEO – Can the right prospects find you in the first place, or are they going to your competition?

·        Usability – Is your design clean and simple?  Do your forms and workflows work in mobile as well as a PC?  Are there clear Calls to Action?

·        Security – Is your site secure and fully PCI Compliant

·        Analytics – Do you regularly review your analytics and have a plan in place to measure its success and ROI?