"The implementation partner you choose is just as in important as the Association Management System (AMS) you choose."

Changing your AMS can be a significant undertaking.  Without the right partner, your outcome may not be as "rainbows and sunshine" as the sales person promised it would. 

Ascension Technology Solutions (Ascension) ensures a smooth transition to your new iMIS AMS by using an Agile Implementation Methodology (AIM).  Combined with our online collaboration tools, Ascension not only helps you focus on what is important today, but strategically lays the groundwork for Continuous Improvement, even after Go Live.   

Our methodologies and experienced staff put a premium on ease of use for your staff AND your constituents.  We involve your staff from the beginning to maximize knowledge transfer and making your staff self sufficient in managing the solution.  

Ascension offers implementation and migration plans for organizations of all budget sizes.