Content Management Service

iMIS RiSE and other Content Management Systems (CMS) require expertise to ensure your website and content remain responsive and meet SEO standards. Because many organizations cannot employ a full-time web designer or RiSE specialist, our Content Management Services can fill the gap. Our customized services can be full service, where we are creating all content for your organization, or as simple as oversight services, where we review your content to ensure it meets best practices for responsiveness, SEO, and engaging for your constituents.


We provide a dedicated experienced digital content professional and tailor the services to the organization's needs and budget. This dedicated resource will achieve a unique understanding of your organization’s primary voice, operate as an extension of your team, and remove the need to hire an in-house web designer.

Service Benefits - A dedicated digital content professional that provides support, development, and oversight for:

  • iMIS RiSE and/or other CMS - Content Creation, CSS, Layouts, Tagging

  • Responsive Design - Review New Content and Images to verify that best practices for responsive design were followed.

  • General web and graphic design

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies. - Review New Content to verify that best practices for Search Engines were followed.

  • Optimize overall website performance.  

Service Product Pricing is based upon the following:

  • Customer Monthly Needs for Content Creation

  • Level of Service Provided (Content Oversight/Review, Partial Content Development/Creation, Full Content Development / Creation)

  • Additional Services Needed: Graphic Design, SEO, Theme Updates, CSS Updates, Email Content Design