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AriseRoster allows you to enhance how your staff and customers manage company rosters in iMIS.  Our intuitive design makes identifying and adding contacts within a company or branch easy.  Our advanced, cloud-friendly iPart brings what you loved about the iMIS desktop roster to the web.

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With its additional functionality, sorting can be preformed alphabetically and contacts associated with a liked organization will appear under the organization, as previously seen in the desktop roster.

Extra Features

Our robust integration tool returns all contacts related to an organization or branch with a choice to display full name, member type and status. In addition, AriseRoster allows the title field to be pulled from the contacts record reducing the need for duplicate entries of titles.


AriseRoster can be used in the cloud or on self-hosted environments and is compatible with iMIS 20 and more current releases of iMIS.



This AriseProduct helps drive customer engagement and reduces staff time by allowing customers to update contacts easily and dynamically.

AriseRoster enhances the iMIS out-of-the-box group list editor by allowing not only alphabetical sorting for individuals but also the robust management of grouping related organizations and their associated individual contacts. With AriseRoster, members and companies can be viewed, managed, and sorted how best suits your organization’s needs.

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