iMIS Payment Central

Tired of processing Credit Card Refunds outside of iMIS? Tired of the difficulty in reconciling Credit Card Payments? Does PCI Compliance Audits have you down?


5 iMIS Best Practices You Are Not Following

We all knowiMIS is an outstanding tool for allowing organizations to adhere to best practices like PCI Compliance, accounting processing, process automation, and reporting. However, we have found most organizations do not take advantage of the follow


Keeping Staff and Teams Connected and Successful When Working Remotely

Associations and organizations all over the world are making the shift to to remote staff for the first time to combat the spread of the coronavirus. Ascension was built from the ground up as a remote-first company and we have a unique perspective on


iMIS 2020 is Coming

The release of iMIS 2020 is imminent, and this new release brings exciting features that will have your organization floating on clouds!