We all know iMIS is an outstanding tool for allowing organizations to adhere to best practices like PCI Compliance, accounting processing, process automation, and reporting. However, most organizations do not take advantage of the following key iMIS features to maximize best practices in their membership systems. If your organization is not following these best practices, Ascension Technology Solutions can help! Our award winning team of technology and industry experts will ensure your organization follows all best practices, allowing you to see increased customer satisfaction from your staff and members!

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01 - Alerts

Using Alerts enhances the online member experience. Best practices for using Alerts include:

  • Enhancing the online join process.
  • Gathering additional data from constituents.
  • Encouraging engagement.

02 - Responsive Web Design

For fully responsive web design, you have to start with mobile in mind then expand from there.

  • Does your RiSE site work correctly on all devices?
  • Throughout the year, Apple and Samsung come out with new devices and OS updates. Are you testing your site often enough to make sure your site functions as expected on all devices?

03 - Social Logins

Social media signup & login streamline customer access.

  • iMIS allows your customers to signup and login using Facebook and/or LinkedIn.
  • Eliminates a lot of forgot my password issues.
  • Makes it easy for customers to interact with your site.

04 - PayPal Express

Allow customers to checkout using PayPal.

  • iMIS can be configured to use PayPal Express so customers can checkout using their PayPal account rather than trying to remember their credit card number.
  • A must for mobile transactions!

05 - Engagement Scoring

Are you properly utilizing Engagement Scoring?

  • Adds a gamification element for your members.
  • Critical for identifying at risk members.
  • Psst, if you are on iMIS20, you already own the feature!

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